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Garage plays an important role in maintaining our homes. It is a place where you keep your cars and other vehicles that you use for daily process. So, you need to keep an eye on the garage door so that it remains in a good position. Thefts and burglars can steal your favourite car and if you do not have proper security option then it will create a serious problem and you will face a huge problem. So, you should take good care of the garage door to keep the cars safe. Town administrators need that all garage door openers to have a reverse feature where the garage door should automatically open back if its path is obstructed by an object. This function should be checked on a regular basis as well to make sure no accidents can occur. The well known Garage door parts Atlanta should be able to sort out any issues with the reverse mechanism used in your garage door. It is also important for your door openers to have photoelectric eyes which have to be installed six inches from ground level. These photoelectric eyes transmit an invisible beam; if this beam is broken, the door automatically initiates the reverse mode. You must make sure that these eyes are always installed six inches above the ground level, otherwise small pets or children may remain undetected.

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Post-service care is vital

But just repairing your door is not enough. After your garage door is being repaired, you must take noteworthy steps to keep it in good working condition. It is advisable that you clean the tracks and lubricate the roller bearings nicely. Along with it, clean the cobwebs on a customary basis as it will help in keeping the door in proper working condition. To find information about them you can go through the yellow pages and local magazines as they will give you the contact details of the service providers. The internet is also useful to collect this information about the service providers you are looking for.  It is better to review the safety aspects too. If your garage door incorporates a mechanical reverse attribute, it would stop plus reverse the door in case it happens to come into contact with something. It is worthwhile if you can purchase an opener at a store, or else at a wholesaler. One safety feature that can be quite important in your Garage door opener is a rolling code. The transmitter signal that is used to open and close a garage door can easily be recorded by thieves. Hence, it is advisable for the signal to be sent on a rolling code, which means that the code will change after every use. So, even if the thieves do manage to record your signal, it would have been rendered useless.