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Things to Know Before Buying Landscape Lighting

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Do you want to make your landscape look attractive for guests and visitors? It’s not a tough task to light up your landscape. You can do that yourself and it’s that easy. However, some things need to be known before you set out to buy your lighting equipment or you can use a complete landscape lighting service. The tough part of the lighting is not the setting up process but to find out the things needed to set up the process. Here is a list of things that you need to set the perfect landscape lighting.

Know the power source

To supply the energy to your lighting equipment, the first thing you need is the power source. While planning the lighting, you have to make available the source you’re going to use in order to light up the whole network. For the power source, you first require a low voltage transformer. This would step down the voltages to the required level of the output light. You would require a wire to build the whole network. Approximately, calculate the length of wire that you would require using a measuring table. It’s an intelligent thing to look for a complete landscape lighting service.

Mark the location

The next thing is to make a blueprint of the area that needs to be covered with the light. You might think of digging up the whole area for the wires in order to make the garden look neat. If you ask me then, that much effort isn’t required. All you have to do is hide up the wires inside bushes and dirt. You can unwire them as many times as you want that way.

Save energy and money

The most efficient way to save money in this era is to use LED lights. LED lighting consumes energy as less as 80%, which makes it energy efficient and this would save you a lot of money too. However, another great thing about light is you get a lot of variations now. Choose the variation that transforms your landscapes to new scenery.

Keep the light low

Calculate the number of lights that would be added to the landscape. It makes no sense to say that too much light would only add beauty to the landscape. Light colors also add a lot of great effect to the scenery. If you’re adding light to the pathway, separate the lights at a certain distance that neither would blind the pathway nor be too dull to walk over. This looks attractive to the viewer. At the same time saves you money.


Keeping the said things in mind; list down the things you might require. Here is where you could start your planning and make an approximate calculation of the whole thing.