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All you need to know on buying kid’s beds – The ultimate guide for a parent

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The graduation from a cot to a normal bed is one of the most interesting milestones for your child. The experts always try their best to make the process fun and easy but the parents often find themselves in a paralysis of choice as they’re not able to choose the most appropriate good kids bed which can cater to all the needs and requirements of their child. So, here we have compiled a complete guide to choosing kids beds so that you could follow the advice to choose the best bed for your kid.

The stage of transition from cot to bed

The first consideration that comes to the minds of majority parents is the transition stage from a cot to a bed. The experts are of the opinion that this is a vital time for the development of the child because he becomes familiar with bedtime cues. A sleep expert, Mandy Gurney explains that there is no such set age for graduating your child from a cot to a bed but by the time they turn 3, they should be ready to accept this change.

There are certain cues that you should watch out for while speeding the transition, particularly when this becomes an issue of safety for the toddlers who are looking for ways to escape from their beds. There are other mobile toddlers who have even started showing their readiness by trying their best to climb out from their cot. In case you feel that your kid is too big for the cot, you should decide to move them.


What are the different types of kid’s beds?

For majority of the parents, the usual terms of bunk beds are much-known and the standard kinds of bed which are available in the market are easy enough for parents to select. Here are few types of beds available.

  • Toddler beds & cot beds

Cot bed is typically used in the form of an all-in-one tradition bed and it has got removable sides which can be converted into a toddler bed. This is often seen as a famous choice for the savvy parents, this bed can lengthen the life of the cot. The height and weight of the child will decide the lifespan of the cot.

  • Single beds

Single bed is probably the most overused term as long as children’s beds are concerned. The small single bed is utilized to describe the size as per the frame of the bed. Most of the novelty beds will use single bed as a term to determine the best design of the bed. Make sure you check the chosen single bed size while purchasing the mattress.

Consider the price of the bed

There are 2 things that you should invest in, a bed and your shoes. Nevertheless, price does matter as long as buying a bed is concerned. Beds which are made of solid wood can be costlier but they’ve got more lifespan. For a toddler, a lesser-priced bed will always be a good option.

Therefore, when you’re eager to buy a bed for your kid, make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned factors.