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When it comes to selecting flooring or wall materials, most people will tend to lean towards tile. Tile is a popular choice owing to its durability, resilience, and variety of options. The most sought after tile options are porcelain and ceramic tiles. You can find either or both these types of tiles in majority of homes across the world. Their durability and aesthetic appeal make them ideal for any surface in the home.

The following are some of the main characteristics of ceramic and porcelain tiles that you should expect.

Their slip resistance is high

When looking for flooring material especially for wet-prone areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, then your first consideration should be the material’s level of slip resistance. You want a material that protects you from slipping even when there is some spillage on the floor. In addition, you want to invest in a highly slip resistant flooring material if you have disabled or elderly individuals in your home as well as children. These groups of people are more likely to hurt themselves severely if they slip and fall. Hence, it is important to have a flooring material that can prevent such slippage.

Experts consider all types of tile as highly slip resistant. However, the porcelain and ceramic tiles are considered the most slip resistant of all the tile variants. This is because majority of the tile manufacturers use different techniques to create tiles that are highly slip resistant. These techniques include the use of a variety of glazes, appropriate spacing on grout joints, different glaze patterns and additives.

They are highly resistant to dirt and dust


Unlike other flooring options available, ceramic and porcelain, tiles do not retain dust and dirt as easily. This is an important feature for all homeowners but especially for those with toddlers who are at the crawling stage. Having a dirt resistant, flooring material will ensure that they not are not exposed to hazardous levels of dirt every time they are crawling on the floor.

In addition, such a feature is essential if you or your family members have an allergy to dust particles. Using ceramic or porcelain tiles will help minimize these individuals’ exposure to dust thereby enabling a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Highly stain resistant

Most porcelain and ceramic tiles are highly stain resistant. However, the level of this resistance will vary with the tile chosen. The stain resistance of the tile will depend on the material’s ability to repel moisture. It is important to point out that majority of glazed tiles as well as some unglazed tiles are capable of resisting all types of stains.

Cleaning is much easier

Cleaning porcelain and ceramic design tiles is also quite easy as all you need to use is common household cleaning products. Cleaning at least once a day will preserve the shine of the tiles as well as their aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, you do not need to do any buffing or polishing in order to keep them looking amazing. Thus, you are guaranteed minimal cleaning and low maintenance when you select porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Fading is not an issue

You want to choose porcelain or ceramic tiles because fading becomes a non-issue with these types of tiles. The color of the tiles remains constant regardless of use, and hardly any fading is noticeable even over a long time. The reason for this color permanence of tile is the fact that color is fired into the body of the tile while it is still in its clay form. Alternatively, it is fired onto the surface of a glazed tile. The result of such procedures is that the tiles retain their colors even when they are exposed to regular direct sunlight.