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Boiling Water Tap: What it Is and Why You Need it

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Are you simply tired of waiting for the kettle to boil when you are cooking or preparing a cup of tea? Do you find yourself wishing that you had hot water access at your fingertips? Boiling water taps are designed to solve this issue by delivering steaming water instantly when you need it.

While some systems augment your hot water with your cold water dispensing tap, other models deliver cold, hot, and boiling water from just a single tap system. These three-in-one systems can also be hooked up to an under-the-sink water filter for access to filtered water instantly.

So how do these systems work, what are the benefits, and where is the best place to buy boiling water taps?

How Boiling Water Taps Work

Boiling water taps, also known as hot taps, are equipped with a miniature boiler that is conveniently installed under your kitchen sink. The tank, which is insulated, keeps the water heated and can range in capacity from three to eleven litres.

The technology that is behind these small heaters makes them an extremely energy-efficient way to have access to boiling water. Aside from energy savings, these boilers also help to save more water. Some experts even estimate that boiling systems can save up to a hundred litres of water per year!

where is the best place to buy boiling water taps

Boiling Water Tap Benefits

  • Boiling Water at Your Fingertips: Whether you want instant soup or tea, need something sanitised, or want to cut down on the steaming time of your vegetables on the stove, a hot tap allows you to achieve all of this in an instant.
  • Filtration Systems: Many hot water taps are built with filtration kits so that you also have access to filtered water.
  • Water- and Energy-Efficiency: Boiling water systems are designed purposefully to save on energy and water bills. This makes them worth the investment, especially if your boiling water needs are particularly higher than average.
  • Safety: Since boiling water that is easily accessed from a tap can be potentially dangerous for children, these specialty taps are designed with safety in mind. They usually have safety mechanisms in place to prevent the accidental flow of boiling water.

Where to Purchase

Whether you need boiling water in your home or office, you will want to purchase from a manufacturer that you trust. Efficiency, safety, and convenience should be your top levels of concern when purchasing a hot water tap. Discount electrical wholesalers such as Direct Electrical Deals are often a great place to search for boiling water taps that are affordable without compromising on quality.