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The Perfect Soffit You Need on Your Home

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You might have wondered about the panel that you see under the eaves of your home. Aside from a covering and aesthetics, it serves a big role in maintaining the air quality in your home. When your home is old or you want to build one, you will need to look for soffit in Brampton.

Soffit is a part of the roofing system of your home. Its main role is to protect the rafters of your home from weather conditions. Varying weather conditions bring down the quality of your roofing system and needs to be replaced.

Types of Soffit Materials Available

In situations where you need to do repairs and replacements, you need to decide on what design you want. Particularly on the matter of material, soffit are made of different materials. The choice of material can come from your side or you can consult a professional to recommend for you.


The most common materials used for the soffit are aluminum and vinyl. Soffit can also be made of wood, steel, or fiber cement but they are less chosen due to aesthetics. This is why you can make your own choice to what material your soffit is made.

  1. Aluminum

This material is common for people who likes affordable soffit but also highly durable. Aluminum soffit neither rot nor crack. It cannot catch fire and you can clean it easily.

The main advantage of an aluminum soffit is its malleability. The installation is made easy because it can fit into varied spaces.

  1. Vinyl

This type of material is best for people opting for the most affordable option. Like aluminum, it does not crack or rot and very easy to clean.

The vinyl soffit is considered to be the best option for insulating your home. Though it can discolor over time, vinyl soffit can be customized to the design you want.

  1. Wood

Wood soffit gives your home the warmth you need. When you decide to choose wood as a material for your soffit, you should take note that wood soffit takes time to install and costs a lot of money for maintenance. Though it can be expensive, it adds a good look to your home with its natural appearance.

  1. Steel

Steel soffit is an expensive material next to wood. Additionally, it weighs a lot more than other materials. Though costly, it is the most durable material for your soffit.

  1. Fiber Cement

Fiber cement soffit is the least common material. Though the material is expensive, it has the option of varying wood textures and colors.

The Bottom Line

In deciding the best material for your soffit, you need to consider what works best for your home. Whether you are for aesthetics or quality, you should plan carefully where to put soffit. When you choose not to include soffit in certain parts of your home, consult an expert before doing so.