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Advantages of Installing Sliding Shower Screens in The Bathrooms

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The bathrooms in most of the houses comprise of toilets and showering enclosures together, for which it is essential to separate these two spaces. The installation of suitable sliding shower screens or sliding shower doors in the bathrooms can create comfortable space for taking showers. These screens are usually frameless and made of either glass or plastic of strong texture. There are many beneficial reasons for the installation of these shower screens of various designs in the modern bathrooms. Hence, nowadays, it is considered as an important feature of the bathroom décor.

Facilities Offered by The Sliding Shower Screens in Bathrooms   

#1 Improved Look of Bathroom:

The shower screens or curtains make the bathroom look much neater and graceful, when the showering space can be kept hidden from the views of the guests entering the bathroom for washing hands. In addition to that, it reflects the classy personality of the house owner by the mere placement of these shower screens in the bathrooms.

#2 Do Not Drip Water Drops:

These sliding shower screens are preferred over the shower curtains, because these glass screens cannot become as messy as the fabrics of the curtains, mainly in wet condition where fabrics may drip lots of water, unlike the glass screens.

#3 Glass is Totally Safe for Users:

The sliding glass screens are absolutely safe for regular use, due to the compatible thickness of the glass that is chosen according to the cosmetic requirements of the house owner. Moreover, the glass used for this type of screen is shatterproof, preventing any injury of the users on otherwise breakage of the shower screens.

#4 Simple Maintenance:

The glass screens are easy to maintain, as these can be cleaned simply by wiping off the moisture regularly after taking a bath. The wiping should be done with a normal kitchen sponge and a good cleansing agent, to maintain the original shine of the shower screen.


#5 Maintains Privacy:

As the shower screens run to the full length of an adult person, it is sufficient to maintain privacy of the person taking shower in the enclosed space, even if anyone else enters the bathroom for washing hands.

#6 Low Cost Installation:

The expense of placing these sliding screens is minimal, as any homemaker can place a shower screen between the showering area and toilet, just by following the given instructions, without the need to call any home décor expert. Only a few chrome clips, silicone fixtures, and aluminium channels are required for the successful installation of these shower screens.

#7 Affordable Prices of Screens:

The costs of these glass screens are affordable for the common people, which encourage them to renovate their bathrooms with these screens. However, the price of a screen depends on the thickness and the texture of the glass used in making the frameless screen.

#8 Needs Negligible Space:

The installation of this shower screen does not need much space, as frameless screen is quite thin and sliding in nature. You can install it within a little space on thin channel, with tiny clips and fixtures.

#9 Provides Many Choices While Buying Screens:

The shower screens are available in many types of patterns and colours, with superb finishes and suitable frostings. Therefore, the house owners can find lots of choices that will suit the existing interior décor of their bathrooms.

The homemakers need to take care to prevent any growth of moulds on the sliding shower screens, which can otherwise mar the beauty of these screens and may hamper their longevity. Otherwise, it is considered as the best choice in bathroom décor for all the house own