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Installation of vinyl cladding: assembly technology and its features

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Many people are thinking about how to improve the exterior of their homes but they do not know how to do it. In fact installing vinyl sidewalls is a pretty straightforward task. One of the most important features in the completion of a vinyl clad house is the binding compliance with the technological requirements that this material has. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in subsequent damage to the integrity of the design, a change in appearance and a reduction in the warranty period of the material declared by the manufacturer.

Surface preparation

The wooden facade must be treated with a special chemical solution that destroys rodents, insects and the possible formation of a mold. Before starting the weatherboard replacement with a siding with your own hands it is necessary to perform preparatory work including cleaning and preparation of the surface for finishing. All protruding elements should be removed or dismantled. Slits, cracks or other damage to the walls must be sealed with cement mortar or foam depending on the situation.

Warming the facade

The installation of vinyl sidewalls differs favorably from other methods of decorative finishing. You can additionally apply means for the thermal and water sealing of the house walls. To do this calculate the thermal insulation and determine the choice of a particular insulator which will be the optimal solution for the design based on the technical requirements of the facade. It should be taken into account that some materials have a sharp specific smell.

When choosing some key features


In this case the instructions for installing any type of insulation can vary considerably. The final fixation takes place with the help of special plate like elements with which the panels are pressed firmly against the facade. You cannot do all the work yourself with our consulting a professional. The thermal insulation with polyurethane foam requires additional equipment for the preparation of the mixture and it’s spraying on the wall.


Literary step by step instructions on how to decorate a house in accordance with all requirements and to protect its walls against harmful effects of the environment includes a compulsory sealing layer. It should be noted that when insulating with polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene or foamed plastic. It is not necessary to install a protective membrane. The fact is that vinyl panels whose installation is planned in the future are a breathing material. Therefore, it is recommended to coat the walls with a moisture repellent vapor permeable membrane.

Conclusion: Assembly and implication

The attachment of vinyl sidewalls takes place only on a flat surface. Since in most cases all facades deviate from this requirement the installation of a subsystem is required. You can use a wooden beam of at least 50 x 50 mm thick or a galvanized metal profile for plasterboard or special galvanized and aluminum subsystems which are more expensive but more reliable. It is not recommended to disregard the assembly of the subframe system. The installation of the frame allows you to use it to perform a so called ventilated façade which is only characterized by the positive side.