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How to Make your Living Room Feel Inviting

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The living room is often known as the heart of the home because it is the place where you relax as a family, entertain guests and carry out activities such as watching television and playing games. Creating the ideal living room environment is easy if you know how, so here are some tips for making your living room feel inviting.

Create a Sense of Space

According to the Guardian, living rooms in the UK have shrunk by a third, so if you live in a new-build property, creating a sense of space is important. Consider keeping the centre of your room free from furniture, allowing for movement around the room. Use the corners of the room for style pieces such as lamps and plants.


Fittings and Furniture

Where you place your furniture is important, particularly if you have a small living room. Large sofas can look out of place in smaller rooms, but you will also need plenty of seating, so consider a corner sofa and a chair. Match your soft furnishings to ensure a coordinated look and arrange them so that the people using them can see each other. You may also want to consider fitted furniture such as bookshelves or shelves for decoration; soft wood and carefully selected ornaments can make a room look inviting. Don’t forget to leave plenty of space in between your furniture so that people can comfortably move around without having to squeeze past items. A rug in the centre of the room will draw everything in and create that cosy atmosphere.

Consider Lighting

Light is essential in a living room, and windows let in light while creating an illusion of space. Think about new windows Dublin to really open up your living room to natural sunlight, and use online images such as those at to give you an idea of how your room could look. As evening falls, mood lighting creates an inviting atmosphere, so try dimmed overhead lights, wall lights and lamps to make your living room look welcoming.

When choosing your paint, warm and neutral colours will give you a welcoming feeling, whereas bright and dark colours will make a space look smaller. White is a great choice as it can be easily maintained but looks lovely with soft furnishings and accessories.