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Types of wallpaper for enhancing the look

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Wallpaper has been used since the early ages well. They ware used to cover interior spaces and wall to make the wall and the house looks beautiful. The past wallpapershavescenery and structure printed in then rather than textures like the present time wallpapers. Back then thatwas printed with the hands and required a certain degree of expertise to get that printed. However in the present time that is not the case. No wonder the beauty of the wallpapers are the same, but the way they are madehaschanged a lot.

The present-day wallpaper singapore are the machine printed. This reduced the time required to print the wallpapers and at the same time reduces the cost of owning one drastically. Over the years many types of wallpaper have come up. Here is a list of the different types of wallpaper that you can look into.

Linear wallpaper

The linear wallpaper is made up of fiberglass or paper. This wallpaperis often used to hide the wall defects and at the same time add an impressivetexture to the surface. This type of wallpaper has very fewer repairs and can act as the base for the delicate wallpaper types. You can have these huge alone or can have it painted over. The most interesting thing about this is that it can be applied and removed easily.

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Printed wallpaper

As the name suggests that these wallpapers are printed and are available in a lot of textures and designs. They are number ways to make it. One that is digitally printed and spoken are hand printed. The digitally printed copies are much cheaper than the hand-printed ones.

Vinyl Wallpaper

This wallpaperis coated with vinyl forminga printed layer. These are considered to be themost durable material. The thicker the vinyl coating the more durable the wallpaper becomes. There are great to have them placed in the kitchens as they are waterproof as well. It can easily be washed easily and are really easy to maintain.

Foil wallpaper

This materialis used to provide a metal finish to the interior space. It gives a great look for the interior of the house. However, because of the shiny surface, it reflects the everything in the room. Hence make sure that there are scratches or defects.

Flock wallpaper

Flock wallpaper is a three-dimensionallook that looks great on the wall. It gives a great 3D look. It symbolizesa sense of luxury to the house.

These are the most common types of wallpaper that are present. You can choose the one that suits you the best and the design that you like.