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Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Oak Flooring from Kustom Timber

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Are you tired of those dull floors in your home? If you’re planning to renovate those boring looking floors, seek out the best of best. You wouldn’t want to pay for something that is not worth it. Right?

            If you live in Australia, Kustom Timber is the answer to your dilemma. Kustom Timber specializes in premium quality oak floors. They are the best when it comes to innovating the design and color with their wide range of options to fit all types of homes and business offices. They are also the ones that you should call to develop products specific to what you need and require.

Brief History.

Kustom Timber is based in Port Melbourne and was founded to specifically produce beautifully engineered European oak flooring. They emphasize on expert quality service and environmental awareness. This young company is owned and managed by Tristan Tiller and Mark Chaz who work together with a team to provide clients with best products for a negotiable price.


Revamp your Home, The Kustom Timber Style.

Kustom Timber focuses on the creating a new look to your home by managing a design and being hands-on with the manufacturing process from start to finish that is fit for Australian conditions. The managers, Tristan and Mark, don’t deal with agents or middlemen that’s why they are able to negotiate the best prices for their clients.

            Using a variety of color palettes with different lengths and widths, their floorboards are pre-finished in the factory. So, no more sanding, polishing or coating required. Kustom Timber is now in business for over two years and recently opened a new warehouse style showroom in Port Melbourne. Here they are able to showcase their range of flooring and see how the products look against furniture and artwork. Through this, they will have an idea on how it would look like in their homes or offices.

What Others Think About Kustom Timber.

When you are from Australia, hearing the positive feedback from Kustom Timber clients is not new to you. Since the team aims for customer satisfaction through their high-quality service efforts, they received numerous thumbs ups and referrals because of their impressive output. Here are some of the comments received by the company:

“…Love these floors, especially the parquetry and the dark vintage wide boards – that walnut color is awesome…” – Jules

“…Love these gorgeous floors!…” – Bianca

            Wanting beautiful wood floors for your home sometimes just go to your wish list. Why? Aside from the fact that it is expensive, the process usually takes so much time. Let us make your dreams come true. Having a revamped floor for your home is as easy. Kustom Timber is the best option for you.