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Bathroom Remodeling – Does Size Matter?

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Bathroom remodeling adds life to the space many of us treasure in our homes. Sure, the bedroom and the kitchen are points of therapy and relaxation in the eyes of many. However, nothing cries peace and serenity than a clean and bright bathroom, especially during a warm bath. Bathrooms come in all sizes and designs to suit the needs of the homeowners. As new developments take place modern bathroom finishes, fixtures and designs emerge. To capture these changes many homeowners opt to remodel their homes, especially the bathrooms. It can be said that the cost of remodeling is a factor of the size of the bathroom; however, does it really matter?

How does the bathroom size affect the cost of remodeling?

Remodeling a small bathroom

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, whether small or large, there is a cost attached to its remodeling. Smaller bathrooms inevitably have much smaller spaces in terms of square footage than larger bathrooms. This, therefore, means that less material is needed to remodel a small bathroom. Furthermore, given the floor plan, only a small number of furnishes can fit into it. Nevertheless, remodeling is the solution to optimize as well as increase space in any home. So, even in a small bathroom, the associated remodeling costs can get pretty high.


Key costs

Bathroom remodeling regardless of the size of the bathroom often involves changes to the fixtures within it. This includes the installation of a new sink, tub or new shower fixtures to add to the ambiance of the space. New fixtures, especially those that are on the modern end of the spectrum can be pretty costly. Sure, a smaller bathroom may require fewer fixtures however the desired fixtures can increase the price point to match that of a much larger bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling is heavily connected to changes to the plumbing as well as electrical changes. It is best to do preliminary checks prior to the start of the remodeling process. This obviously comes with a price tag attached however, it might pre-empt any significant issues that might surface during the remodeling phase. In many instances, the remodeling of the bathroom results in unavoidable plumbing and electrical changes. Once more, these changes might not be of the magnitude associated with a larger bathroom; however, the cost might be significant nonetheless.

All remodeling project should have the goal of optimizing space through structural adjustments. Bathroom remodeling follows the same principle. To increase the space available especially within smaller bathrooms, contractors often opt to adjust the floor plan or move back a wall to widen the overall space for the bathroom. Naturally, this might make the remodeling project a lot more expensive.

Bathroom remodeling adds a breath of fresh air to the relaxation hub of your home. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, a pretty penny will be associated with the remodeling process; however, remodeling smaller bathrooms will definitely have a smaller overhead cost.

Size does matter!