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Wizard Cleaning Services, The Answer to Your Carpet Stain

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Carpets bring a different feel to the room. It makes it homier and changes the ambiance from boring to stunning. It is perfect and safe for families with small kids and elderly, compared to hardwood floors. However, cleaning carpets can be very challenging. It’s heavy and most of the stains are hard to remove. So when this happens, even if it’s new, we end up buying new carpets and change the stained ones. Now that would be hard on the budget.

Man cleaning carpets in homeWizard’s Steam Carpet Cleaning offers the best cleaning service like no other. They have professional cleaning staff that is the best when it comes to carpets. They can remove the impossible stains and the dirt that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Unlike their competitors, Wizard Cleaning Service offers effective and safe cleaning at a reasonable price.

Steam Carpet Cleaning with Wizard Cleaning Services.

 Hot water extraction is one of the methods that Wizard use to clean the carpets. This is one method that is proven effective with deep and thorough results. It does not only remove stains and dirt, but it brings back the new look of the carpets. Wizard staff is using only state-of-the-art methods in washing the carpet that even the dirt that is stuck in the carpet fibers cannot escape. Once they’re done, they use a powerful vacuum machine that dries the carpet in not time.

Steam Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Dry Cleaning.

These two are the most popular way of removing carpets. You may think that both gives the results. That’s where you are wrong. The regular carpet dry cleaning removes dirt from the surface only. While the steam carpet cleaning goes deeper down to the carpet fibers to remove germs, dirt and bad carpet smell. With Wizard Cleaning Serviced, your family will be safe at a charge that is fair and honest, without any hidden charges. They offer a wide range of payment option including payments through VISA or Mastercard with a receipt for your future reference.

Wizard Steam Carpet Cleaning Package.

During your service schedule, the specialists will arrive on time on your location. They will assess the extent of cleaning needed by your carpet and determine their approach for a successful carpet cleaning session. The initial process will be a pre-spray shampoo with active ingredients to loosen up the dirt and stains. Once the dirt and stains are loosened up, it would be much easier for it to be removed.

For heavy stains, the staff usually applies their secret product before steam cleaning the carpets for a much better result. The Wizard Cleaning Services offers free sanitation and deodorizing on all of their cleaning services for a much more hygienic result with a long-lasting freshness.

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Wizard Cleaning Services is the one to call for top-of-the-line cleaning service for your home. Aside from their affordable carpet steam cleaning, Wizard also offers rug and upholstery cleaning. With their competitive and trustworthy staff, you don’t need to pay more for a new carpet. Just give them a call, and for sure, the carpet dirt and stains will go away!