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Ways to Get the Best Mattress for Back Pain

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People suffering from back pain cannot have a good sleep without a good mattress because comfort is the first choice. As you think of investing in a mattress for back pain, many think that a firm mattress is the right choice. Some even try the mattress at a showroom and might feel comfortable on one type of a mattress. But that is not sure that it is the right mattress for your concern. The current thoughts about buying a comfortable mattress or best recliners for back pain is that everyone has a different level of comfort and requirement and hence there is no one type of mattress that fits all having the same problem.

Do you need a new mattress?

If you sleep on a mattress and wake up in the morning feeling fresh and relaxed, it is the right mattress for you.

If you have been using the mattress for 8-10 years, you should change it. Many studies have also stated that sleeping on a new mattress or best recliners for back pain itself has given a comfortable sleep.


Types of mattress available:

  1. Spring mattress: With individually enclosed springs available inside the mattress, they give a good support and can be usedin all weathers for a long time. There are varieties of materials used on top of the spring like memory foam or latex etc. You can even choose the number of springs in the mattress.

Pros: You can choose the spring count, hardness of the mattress and they come in pocket friendly prices too.

Cons: If the mattress does not have proper springs in the mattress, you may wake up with a bad backache.

  1. Memory Foam mattress: These are made of different types of materials at different layers and different densities that respond according to the weight and shape of the person.

Pros: Due to their feature of molding according to the body shape, they reduce the pressure and relieve back pain. They also absorb movement which means your partner would not be disturbed as you move.

Cons: As they are temperature sensitive, they make you feel extremely hot as you sleep in the night. You should also be aware that they exhibit some sort of a chemical smell.

  1. Latex Mattress: They are either made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber and are well known for a uniform firm and bouncy support.

Pros: They work similar to memory foam mattress but give more support. If you go for the natural rubber, there is no smell also.

Cons: It is a mattress for those who are looking for a firm mattress only.

  1. Air mattress: These mattresses are air filled chambers instead of springs/coils that are covered with a foam layer on the top.

Pros: The firmness can be altered as per your requirement and this is much suitable to those couples who have different preferences for firmness.

Cons: Making it right firm or less firm is the key. If it is not made properly, you may wake up with a back pain.