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How to Use Colour in Your Home

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Colours are a great way to add personality to a home. They are believed to have an instant effect on the atmosphere of the space and even whether we perceive it as spacious or confined, inviting or unpleasant.

The use of colour has even been the subject of a number of psychological tests, as it’s believed to have an impact on behaviour as well as mood. As a result, it is perhaps unsurprising that we can feel overwhelmed when it comes to using colour in our own homes.

Fortunately, with a few of the simple considerations below, you can make informed and expressive choices about the use of colour in your home.

Colours as Mood

When planning the colour of an interior space, consider how the current space makes you feel. Does it feel drab and draining or too intense and stimulating? Contrast this with how you would like the space to feel. Perhaps you want the space to feel tranquil and inviting, but it is currently too busy and distracting, for example. For a big change, it can be helpful to consider the largest spaces, such as walls, ceilings and flooring. Grey laminate flooring, for example, is timeless and neutral. It will match well with any colour scheme. But if you are aiming for something warm, cosy and inviting, then perhaps a wooden finish or a rug would be more suitable. A variety of solutions are available from companies such as or other reputable providers. Think first about how the room makes you feel, and then you will know whether the changes you need to achieve your desired effect are small or more radical.


Getting the Balance Right — Timelessness and Detail

When using a colour we love, it can be tempting to cover the largest surfaces with it. But consider carefully whether it is possible that you will fall out of love with the colour over time, or whether it is currently fashionable but not necessarily timeless. With a neutral base of walls and flooring, for example, it can be more feasible to add colour details. A vibrant pop of scarlet in the decor such as with cushions or curtains is much easier to change than an entire wall. Colour detailing and additions can also look either sophisticated and subtle or bold and playful, whatever your personality.