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The Ultimate Guide To Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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The truth is that even if you know nothing about cotton sheets, you probably already heard about the Egyptian cotton sheets. And the reason for this is because they are made of the highest quality cotton from this country.

The reality is that the Egyptian cotton can be used to make everything from bath towels to dress shirts. However, it’s popularity has always been centered on the bedding and sheets.

The Egyptian cotton combines the ultra-luxurious and soft feel with the long-lasting durability, making it perfect for bedding. So, you can be sure that you will get a refreshing sleep, night after night.

As you can imagine, there are many different options when you are looking at the Egyptian cotton sheets, and sites like Brett’s review site are a great place to find more information. So, in order to ensure that you get the best ones, there are some things that you need to consider:

#1: Thread Count:

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The thread count simply refers to the total number of horizontal and vertical threads that you can find in one square inch of a specific fabric. What you need to be aware is that the more threads the sheet has, the higher the quality of the sheets.

Usually, when you are buying bed sheets, you’ll find that most sheets come with 180 and 350 threads count. Below 180 threads, the sheet will tend to pill up with use and start to feel scratchy. When you are considering buying Egyptian cotton sheets, you should make sure that you get a minimum 200 threads count sheets.

#2: Fibers:

One of the main differences between Egyptian cotton sheets and sheets is that the first ones are made using only natural plant fibers. So, this ensures the comfort and the breathability of the sheet since it helps you regulate your body temperature without feeling too cold or too hot. Besides, Egyptian cotton sheets also absorb moisture preventing any skin irritation.

Even though they have so many qualities, the Egyptian cotton sheets don’t require a lot of maintenance. You just wash them as you usually wash other bed sheets.

#3: Weave:

Simply put, the fabric weave tells you how the sheet will look. The truth is that the pattern of the weave affects not only the softness as well as the texture of the sheets.

If you already did some digging on these bed sheets, you probably already found the “percale” expression. This simply refers to a fabric that has been finely made, and that the threads will only cross each other once. The “pinpoint” weave is very similar. However, instead of just one, you have two threads woven each other, making these sheets softer. The “sateen” includes even more threads crossing each other. There are even sheets that can have four threads underneath each thread that is crossing over, making these Egyptian exceptionally smooth. These are traditionally the most luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets since the weave pattern is very similar to the one that is used in satin sheets.