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What Type of Material to Use to Isolate Your House

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The biggest challenge for every architect is to create an outside facade of a building or a house. This task can be accessed from several aspects because it is not only an outer isolation but also an effective prevention of unnecessary consumption of electricity and money. During the winter, with good outdoor insulation, you keep all the heat in the house, and with years you can almost certainly replace the air conditioner. share with you how to start saving money on electricity.

Wall insulation made it easy to heat your home and save a lot of electricity. In addition, you have saved yourself throwing money for large electricity bills because good insulation reduces costs by up to 40 percent. In addition to heating and saving money, you can completely change and refresh the look of your house with good insulation.

An insulating material such as mineral wool is used for setting out the insulation. Once a certain material is placed, it begins with the plastering of a special layer that protects against adverse effects. This layer further strengthens and increases the resistance to various damage. When choosing a person who will do this job, be sure to find a more professional and more pedantic person, as well as to match the price of the service itself.

Useful questions and tips:

1. What is the difference between wool and styrofoam?

Material to Use to Isolate Your House

When the wool is a glass or stone mineral wool, it is primarily about building insulation material that comes from glass or stone which are completely natural raw materials. The wool is permanent and unchanged. In comparison to the styrofoam, it is not flammable, it has excellent characteristics when it comes to sound and thermal insulation, and only the façade with stone wool belongs to fireproof façade systems. One of the advantages is that the wool allows the walls breathe.

2. How much does the material cost?

It is not easy to calculate the complete price, because in addition to the material, there are various adhesives, decorative plaster etc. that are required. If you decide on a stone wool you have to choose the thickness, (usually used from 8 centimeters) and it will cost you between 15 and 20 dollars per square meter. The price applies only to the material and the additional costs are the price of the work and the type of facility.

3. Is it necessary to have a completely flat surface for stone wool?

The foundation must be checked before starting with work. There are some rules to be followed and small deviations are permitted. In case of large unevenness, the walls must be plastered. If you skip this process, the space can also be filled with glue, but it must be well taken care of the layer of adhesive that is applied to prevent destroying the entire facade. A good flat surface is definitely recommended.

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