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It is important to take care of the heating and plumbing system and conduct timely inspections. It is most likely for many systems to deteriorate if they are used for an extended period of time without proper maintenance. If you are looking for quality heating and plumbing services in South London, here’s where you should look for

Know Us More!

  • Based in Balham, Wandsworth; we are in this industry since 2004.
  • We serve customers throughout South London. Being industry experts, weare able to install new heating system and also do repair work of existing ones. Whatever be your needs, our able professionals will serve you accordingly.
  • We have been providing quality heating and plumbing service to households and businesses throughout South London which includes full liability insurance and all required training certifications.
  • The warranties that we offer show the confidence that we have in the quality of the workmanship.
  • All our work is fully insured. So, you don’t need to have any qualms in putting your complete faith in the ability of our experienced professionals.
  • We focus on providing quick solution to your problems. Customer satisfaction is our priority. This is the reason why our customers indulge their trust in us and keep coming back to us.


Central Heating

A proper central heating system is very much important for your home as it ensures adequate supply of heat and hot water making your life comfortable. It is essential to keep it well maintained. If you need to repair, upgrade or replace your central heating boiler system, you can contact us without thinking twice. Following are the three major types of boiler systems that should be considered.

  • Combi or Combination boiler systems: This kind of boiler system is best suited for those who have small space and for those who do not want to utilize much area for central heating system. As these are compact, they have the advantage of freeing up space in home. The space required for the hot water cylinder tank can be saved by using this system.
  • System boilers: Though it requires a cylinder for storing hot water, it is still very compact as it contains heating and hot water system within the actual boiler system itself.
  • Conventional or Regular boilers: It is suitable for those homes where the heating and hot water system is linked directly to a hot water cylinder. Since, it remains compatible with solar water heating system, it proves to be an energy efficient choice.

For all your heating and plumbing system needs go through this site  We will be there to serve you at your doorstep.