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Top 5 Most Practical Wood Burning Stoves for Your Home in winter

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A sure way to keep you and your family cozy and warm is by using a stove to keep the winter chills at bay.

There are many types of stoves that you can choose from. Nevertheless, wood burning stoves remain a timeless classic when it comes to getting the family to stay toasty.

Something about watching the logs burn in the stove is both relaxing and entertaining.

Today, most wood burning stoves have been designed to be both energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Moreover, there is a wide variety of wood burning stoves that you can choose from. Check out these 5 most practical wood burning stoves for your home in winter.

Lincsfire Harmston JA013S 5.5KW Multi-fuel Stove

This stove stands out for its unique features and design. It is built out of high quality cast iron that comes with a long lifespan. This stove is based out of clean burn technology. This simply means that this stove emits less toxic gases when in use.

Another key feature is that this stove comes with a removable ashtray that greatly simplifies the cleaning process. In addition, the stove comes with a factory fitted German ‘Robax’ high temperature glass. This glass gives you the perfect view to the burning wood within the stove. Aside from this, this stove is fitted with brass handles as well as an air ventilation control system as well as an airwash system.

An innovative slow burning innovative slow burning technology provides 80% burning efficiency, whilst the Lincsfire Harmston 5.5KW is a breeze to clean, thanks to a removable ashtray. The best part about this stove is that it only requires very minor assembly. It also comes with a sizeable firebox that allows sufficient stoking of wood.

Cast Iron Log Wood Burner Stove JA006 12KW Multi-fuel Fire Place

The Cast Iron Log Wood Burner Stove JA006 12KW Multi-fuel Fire Place stands out for several reasons. For starters, this wood burning stove comes with an outstanding design and construction. This stove also comes with an inbuilt ‘airwash’ system. There are 2 doors which open to a big firebox where you can easily stoke your wood for quick access when needed.

Another impressive feature of this stove is that it is constructed out of cast iron, making it very durable. There’s a metal CE plate fitted on the rear of the stove and that means this wood burner conforms to the health and safety standards set by EU.

Life Time Warranty 5.5KW Efficiency 81% Cast Iron Burning Stove Log Multi-fuel Wood Coal

This is one of the best multi-fuel stoves on the market. Not only do we love its thick and durable cast iron construction but also its in-built air wash system, which is German made by the way. Another featured German component is the “SCHOTT” high temperature glass that can easily withstand the heat from the wood burning inside the stove.

The Life Time Warranty 5.5KW is also fitted with other outstanding features such as an in-built ash pan which makes the removal of ashes much easier. Additionally, the stove comes with an effective seal which prevents the smoke from the burning wood from leaking out. Supplied ash hooks are super convenient as well and an adjustable air dumper comes in handy to prevent smog escaping out of the firebox.

Lincsfire Wellingore 6.22KW Modern Log Burner Multi-fuel Wood Burning Stove The Lincsfire Wellingore 6.22KW Modern Log Burner is another solid solution to chilly weather. Featuring an inbuilt air vent control system, this stove burns logs as well as charcoal, giving you better flexibility than single fuel burners.

The stove is constructed out of steel, which heats up faster and consequently, delivers heat to the room faster than cast iron. It has an impressive heat output of 6.22KW. Moreover, this stove is compact and can easily be fitted into any living room. The firebox is a pretty sizeable 290(W) by 240(D) by 220-300(H)mm, letting you burn just enough wood to heat up a standard room.

On offer is a 1-year warranty for parts except glass, which the manufacturer deems a fragile part. Probably the only downside to this stove is that it doesn’t come with detachable or separate legs, which makes transportation a nightmare.

Cambridge 4 KW “Clean Burn” Wood Burning Multi-fuel Stove 2014 Model

This decent multi-fuel burner is perfect for heating a small to medium sized room. It combines a slow-burn feature that is characteristic of traditional stoves with a sleek design of contemporary models, making it the centre of attraction in any living room.

This stove also has a high quality, heat resistant “Schott Robax” glass that is based on fireproofing technology. This glass is able to withstand high temperatures of up to 800 degrees centigrade. Also worth mentioning is the 80% maximum burning efficiency of this model. The Cambridge 4 KW is more efficient and more technically advanced than most stoves and even cheaper than many other multi-fuel stoves.

Final Word

It goes without saying that all wood burning stoves have their pros and cons. This means choosing the best wood burning stove for your home requires some research. There are several factors that come into play when choosing a wood burning stove for your home.

For example, you will need to consider the size of your living room as well as the process of installing the stove. However, once you have a solid idea of what you want, you will be able to easily browse through various models and correctly evaluate their features.