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What are Skeleton Wall Clocks?

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  • A definition, almost

There is no catch-all definition for a skeleton clock but, in simplistic terms, skeleton wall clocks are clocks you can see through!

No, the clocks are not constructed out of transparent material, rather, made in a minimalistic style with a frame-worked facia that allows you to tell the time and see the inner workings and/or or the wall behind. You could say, they look a bit like skeletons.

Most modern skeleton wall clocks are ‘driven’ by a small digital battery powered unit. This bland looking box of tricks, or should I say ‘ticks’, is usually hidden behind the hands of the clock, so all you see is the time and the wall.

However, more interesting, mechanical mechanisms are still being produced; the whole persona of the clock changes from being a contemporary Fengshui style statement to a hypnotic wonder of swirling interacting cogs, wheels and springs; yes, you can see all the moving parts!

Truly wondrous stuff.

Well, thank goodness, that’s the complicated, jargon laden, scientific part of this article covered.

  • A very brief history

The concept of a skeleton clock is by no means a new ‘latest fad’ innovation. Skeleton clocks have been around, certainly, since the nineteenth century. Of course this was a time long before the wonders of digital technology and full swing mass production. Skeleton clocks were works of art, hand crafted with precision mechanical clockwork mechanisms; these antiques are very much sought after.

Many designs were almost too ingenious for words. The English, for example produced a commercially viable collection of skeleton clocks shape in the image of prominent cathedrals.

Skeleton clocks were objects of great desire, coveted by many but owned by the few.

The market place is now awash with ingeniously designed skeleton wall clocks; design tastes have changed over the years and production costs have fallen. So, there’s no excuse for not buying one!

  • The contemporary skeleton wall clock

The modern skeleton wall clock comes in a variety of sizes, from ridiculously huge to discrete. There’s a multitude of exquisite, cunning designs.

clock 1

Most are, due in large part to the limited amount of moving parts, simple, understated ‘ornaments’ that contribute to, and enhance, the whole ambiance of a room. They are eye-catching but rarely distracting.

Furthermore, wall clocks are available for outdoor use; more accurately, perhaps, described as garden ornaments; usually rustic designs and maybe decorative but not functional.

There are, inevitably, variations on a theme; clocks (not technically 100% skeletal) are available with plain, or even mirrored, backsgrounds. Something for all tastes and all decors.

You can even buy huge sticky numbers to arrange as a clock face on your banquet room wall, the likewise huge hands are attached in the centre and actually work! How cool is that?

In fact, you could have a skeleton wrist watch to match the one on your kitchen wall … no, don’t do that!

  • In conclusion

Skeleton wall clocks are fun and surprisingly inexpensive; aesthetic gems to grace any room. They are a talking point with one extremely useful, additional, feature, they also tell the time.

For a comprehensive view of contemporary skeleton wall clocks take a look at the Contemporary Heaven website, here you’ll find great deals, variety and inspiration!