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How to recreate classic 60s style in your home

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Whether you loved it or hated it, or have only seen photos of it and heard stories about it, there is no doubt that the 1960s was a pivotal decade in so many ways, not least for style and design across fashion and decoration.

For British designers, it was a time when they could step out of the shadows of the US and make their own mark. The youth movement had an independence and freedom that was unprecedented and took over modern Britain in all senses. It has become a fashion trend that many home buyers are using in their properties once they have moved in after the legal support of Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham such as

Many influences:

Think of the 60s and you might come up with ‘flower power’ and hippy influences, or the rise of international travel for the masses and Indian influences on fabric and colour, or perhaps even the space age. The key is that it was fun and reflected your own personality.

There are many similarities now with 60s living, not least a love of nostalgia and all things retro.


Plenty of colour:

Colour was not subtle in the 1960s; therefore, if you are looking for 60s inspiration for your home today, you will need to be willing to be brave. Colour blocking was big, and so were patterns. Hot pinks and zesty yellows were very popular, along with black and white. Tone on tone has been more fashionable of late, but mid-century it was all about contrast.

Try something new:

You might already have ditched the carpet in your home for wooden or laminate flooring, which is quite at home in a 60’s style décor; however, it did not enjoy the popularity it does today.

To make your flooring look more authentic, you might want to consider painting it. It is possible to paint laminate flooring, but do make sure you prep the area fully beforehand – this is not a job where you can cut corners. Go bold with the colour and then throw down a fluffy rug and beanbag to complete the look. There is lots of inspiration for giving your home a distinctive 60s feel online.

The clothes, the music and the décor were all about self-expression and this outlook on life is starting to return into the lives of many people today. Be who you want to be – anything goes.