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Points that You should Know before You Change Your Mattress

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Old mattresses and bad backs usually go hand in hand. Back pain and body aches are one of the most common ailments troubling along the length and breadth of the world. Bad backs are mostly the consequence of sleeping on mattresses that are on the verge of disintegration. Despite being the most important ingredient of a good night’s sleep, it is often neglectby city dwellers. Shooting bouts of pain thoughcome as the reminders from faraway lands, drawing the attention of those who have been neglecting one of their primary necessities.

The obvious train of thought would be about how to pick up mattresses for your bad back. While on the right course, it wouldn’t hurt you if you pause for a moment and make sure that you know exactly what is that you want to accomplish. Let’s dig deeper and find out about the pointers which you must remember before you embark on your journey to slay the pain monster.


  • The first trick in the business: it may not the mattress after all. Your body position and posture plays a deciding role in determining whether you will wake up aching all over your body or not.Your body needs to be in a relaxed state while you retire for the night on your bed. The sleeping posture differs from people to people; some like to sleep on their sides while there are others who prefer to lie down on their backs. A significant number of individuals sleep on their stomach. Make an effort to change your sleeping position to find out if your pain level comes down or is alleviated completely.
  • If you are unable to change your nocturnal lie-down posture and find yourself in throes of terrible body aches, try to induce one or two simple tricks to make yourself a bit more comfortable on your bed. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow beneath your knees so that your spine retains its normal curve. If you like to sleep on your sides, position your legs a bit closer to your chest and keep a pillow in-between them. Keep a pillow beneath your pelvis and lower abdomen if you are a stomach sleeper.

Once you have gone through these simple checks and balances and still the pain persists, go out and buy a new mattress.Don’t go for too hard or too soft ones; settle somewhere in middle.