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Must Have Tools for Woodworking

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Woodworking is a skilled profession that requires careful measurement and an eye for fine wood. People are trained by schools and through apprenticeships. Keep in mind when purchasing your tools the durability level. Some materials are stronger than others, keeping in mind how much you will be using it. Some of the finest musical instruments in the world are made by wood workers; here are a few tools you will need.

Start off your woodworking set with a retractable tape measure this will save you a lot of steps and help you keep your measurements correct.

Using a slide bevel will keep your angles straight; keeping your measurements in order and can make the difference in finishing a job on time or starting it over again.

A hammer is a number one tool of a woodworker, having this tool around the house serves useful for a number of small jobs. A woodworker wants to find a hammer that is just the right fit for the job he needs to do.


The Chisel is also a very important tool, smoothing places too small to reach with larger tools. Keeping a variety of sizes in your tool outfit is a good idea. A hand saw and a utility knife are tools to keep close in wood work there is always something you must even out or make a small adjustment to.

Screwdrivers are essentials, keeping several sizes of Phillip heads, flatheads, torx, and star, is important when you work with wood. In some cases you may also find it necessary to have a good nail set for some wood working jobs.

A layout square helps to cut angles on woodwork, this triangular shaped tool comes in two sizes the 12″ and the 6″, but the 6″ is the one you want to be sure to keep close.

A cutting tool is a very important tool as well. While you can get a hand cutting tool for simple projects, you will benefit more from a power tool such as a band saw. Find a good one and you’ll have more freedom to do many types of cuts and more projects. Read more about it at:

Working with cabinets and other woodwork where you need to keep the surface level you want to use a level. This tool keeps your work from being uneven. There are levels of different sizes some are literally pocket sized.