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How much the solar panels are effective?

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An incentive for the replacement of the plant with solar panels would help to clean up all the structures with asbestos. The spread of photovoltaic systems on the territory is also linked to environmental issues. The exploitation of clean energy sources such as solar energy is synonymous with environmental and health protection. This is why it is natural that other appreciable ecological initiatives are closely linked to the photovoltaic sector. Unfortunately asbestos had been widely used in many production sectors from home appliances to large transport vehicles but it is especially in the construction sector that this material has found great popularity.

Maintenance operations for a solar thermal system

Solar thermal panels have superior strength and durability performance compared to photovoltaic panels. In fact if properly installed, positioned and dimensioned then a solar thermal system can have duration of about 20-25 years. Consequently, no expensive maintenance programs for a solar thermal system are necessary but only a periodic control of its operating parameters some of which can be verified directly by the owner. Other more specific checks should be carried out by specialized personnel at regular intervals at the time of delivery of the solar panels in Francestown installation. The maintenance costs of a solar thermal system are estimated depending on the type of system from 0.1 to 2.5% of the investment.

Solar panels on roof of new house

The most delicate are the forced circulation systems where they can be found after 10- 15 years breakdown of the electric pump. This type of system needs to be checked by a technician every 4-5 years. Natural circulation systems on the other hand require less frequent specialized maintenance. In any case for both types it is advisable to clean the collector surface once a year and to change the antifreeze liquid every 4-6. Finally when the system is stationary it is a good idea to remember to cover the collectors. And finally some brief practical maintenance advice valid for any type of system.

  • clean the surface of the panel from dust at least once a year
  • replace the antifreeze liquid every 4-6 years
  • cover the panels in case of accidental breakage of the glass
  • cover the panels during long absences, especially during the summer

Conclusion: forced circulation solar thermal system

There is a particular type of so called emptying or drain back forced circulation systems able to avoid overheating. These systems are equipped with an additional tank in which the heat transfer fluid is poured in case of too high temperatures inside the hydraulic circuit. This type of system is used in particular for the production of domestic hot water. The forced circulation solar thermal system on the other hand requires that the hot water storage tank be separated from the collector and placed inside the house.