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Moving into a New House? Do these 7 things first

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Moving into a new house can often be full of uncertainties. Quite often, it’s a new neighborhood, new location and sometimes even a new city. With so much changing in your life, it’s necessary to ensure that there is as less uncertainty as possible. While moving into a new house can be tedious, you can learn more on how to find a new home by simply doing a relevant search, it is advisable for one to be meticulous in their understanding of their new home and surroundings.

Buying a house can mean haggling over the final price and inclusions in the property. As a result, after you have moved into your newly bought property, it is essential that you recheck the property to ensure everything is according to the mutually agreed terms. So, here are a few things that you should definitely do when moving into a house.

Check the place

Go through the list of inclusions and ensure that all the facilities and fittings that were supposed to be inclusive of the property have been provided. This should be one of the first steps when moving into a new home.

Change the door locks

The property will probably have locks put in by the last homeowner. For security, best change the locks so that you and your family alone have the access to your home. Make sure to check the backdoors and garage doors as well.

Clean thoroughly

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Most houses, if not all, are cleaned before being put up on the market. However, to be safe, put in another cleaning, especially for beds, mattresses (if it’s a furnished property), bathrooms and the basement. Often common pests like bed bugs, rodents and cockroaches make themselves at home and it can be a shock for the new homeowner. In such cases, it’s best to hire a professional pest control company.

Chemically treat the wooden framework

While cleaning the house, don’t forget to pay attention to the woodwork. Insects like termites can eat through the entire woodwork of your house, compromising the structural integrity of the framework. For a thorough inspection, and cleaning if required, take help from your local pest control company. To learn more about how to hire a pest control service, read here.

Put on some paint

While the exterior of the house might have had a paint job before being put on the market, the interiors might use a new color treatment as well. In the process of adjusting to a new environment, customizing the home with your preferred color scheme can be useful.

Check for closet space

Most older homes don’t have dedicated closet spaces. The ones that do lack organization. As a result, it is one of the first things you should check for. If there isn’t any segregation in the closet then you might need to buy a closet organizer first.

Air filters

For a healthy family, it is important that the air filters are changed regularly. Since you might never know for sure when the previous homeowner had last changed the filters, it’s best to change it yourself, once you take possession.

It’s always beneficial to be well prepared when changing homes, especially since there is a lot to do.  These are some of the most important things one should do when taking possession.

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