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Are you confused about which draftsman or building designer who have to choose to have your long-awaited home constructed? Are you apprehensive about buying the building materials? Are you skeptical about where to start? You are not alone. Contact Renovate Plan and our design profession will be happy to visit you for a free consultation. Let him know your requirements and after some analysis, he will create a beautiful home design and give you a rough estimate.

Important Aspects of a Home

There are so many things you have to keep in mind before having your dream home built in order to add functionality and  appearance to your new home. As there are dozens of factors you have to keep in mind most of the would-be house owners tend to forget a few. Remember that the following are a few things you should not miss:

home design

  • Homedesign that suits your taste and requirements. More importantly, your new house has to be designed, depending upon YOUR and your family’s lifestyle. Keep in mind your present and future lifestyle. You have to keep three things in mind – how much time you will spend for amusements, and howmany bedrooms you want to have.
  • Let there be an effective HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning) – the essential factors to live a healthy life. Whether it’s home or office, heating and ventilation are the two most important elements. This is important for the safety and comfort of the occupants.
  • Lighting is the most important element. Your home must allow maximum natural light inside. Also, there has to be as many windows as possible in every room. In addition have skylights also. Use ambient light as it evenly distributes the lightand gives the surroundings an aesthetic look, especially to the furniture and art work.When the natural light is gone, artificial light should come to rescue. So, have many bulbs or tube lights. Also, have many light fixtures and outlets.
  • Having plentiful space is very crucial. Have ample storage space to store the materials. Poor spacing will make the rooms look cluttered.If the rooms are airy, you need not worry about cluttered look. Placement and type are the two aspects on which the looks of a home rely on.

So, contact Renovate Plan if you have made up your mind to have a beautiful house built for you and your family. Sign the contract and drop the house-building on our lap and relax. We will take care of arranging documents and submitting to the Council. We also take care of the necessary approvals. These are arduous that make you tiresome and infuriating. So, collaboratively work with our team that has experience in development type, size, style, and site. will call you when the finished product is ready and hand over the keys to you.