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How to Insure Your Shed and Its Contents

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What happens to your shed during a natural calamity or a break-in? If all of your shed’s contents are gone because of an outside factor, do you just say goodbye to them? Luckily, there are ways to insure your shed and everything inside it in the event of some fortuitous event. Here’s a guide on how to do that.

Maintain Your Shed and Add Security

The best insurance that you can have for your shed is to simply maintain it well. If you buy a high quality shed, you won’t have to worry about the weather or a storm. You can find some quality sheds in websites like Aside from maintenance, you need to add some layer of security to it to protect it from thieves. First, you’ll need a lock system, either a regular lock or an electronic one. Also, an alarm system to alert is good if there are strangers who try to get inside.

Get Home Insurance

While it’s good to maintain your shed and keep it secure, you’ll never know when it will actually be destroyed along with everything inside it. This is why you’ll need some home insurance. Usually, your home insurance covers your shed as an outbuilding. The usual building insurance plans would cover the damages made to your sheds in the event of a natural calamity, a fire, and theft. The insurance policy will pay for replacement or repair of your shed depending on the extent of the damage.

Add Home Content Insurance

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While your building insurance will cover your shed, the same can’t be said for all its contents. So if you have stuff there that you want coverage, then you’ll need another type of insurance to cover them. This is where a home contents insurance coverage comes in. With a home contents insurance, you’ll be able to get your items replaced. However, the coverage can only replace up to the amount your policy states. If the replacement cost of all your items exceeds your policy’s coverage amount, you can add them as a separate coverage.

Double Check All the Items That the Coverage Covers

Not all items will be in the policy coverage. So when you create your insurance policy, make sure you tick all the items that you have in your shed. At the very least, the most important ones that you think need protection need to be in the coverage. Once you have your list of stuff to protect, you shouldn’t worry too much about your shed during a natural calamity, fire, or theft.


Sheds are an important part of your house because that’s where you would store all your important outdoor items. Items like your lawn equipment, some heavy machinery, tools, or even a hot tub are both expensive and important. With all of the important stuff that you could keep there, you really do have to protect everything inside. When you know how to play around with your insurance, you can keep your shed and your items safe from harm.