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Guide to get the best carpet grass in India

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What is carpet grass?

Known as Axonopus affinis, this grass is sown in warm season. This grass looks beautiful and grows up in difficult places. The areas in which carpet grass can be sown involve boggy and shady areas. Though, you cannot have a high quality lawn but when it comes to the appearance, still the carpet grass lawns look amazing.

Carpet grass suppliers in India have been producing high quality carpet grass. Basic reason why people love to have carpet grass in their homes is owing to their ability to thrive in the difficult areas.

Types of carpet grass

You can look forward for the following types of grass which are as follows:

  • Narrow leaf carpet grass is the mosta sought after one as it grows up easily in the areas having less fertile soil. This area doesn’t need much maintenance as well and many activities like golf and medians are carried out here.
  • Louisiana grass is the most commonly used grass which is preferred in homes and residential units. If you worry about pest damage then this grass is not going to worry you much. This grass is grown easily in the high water table area where other grass species are not cultivated.
  • Boradleaf carpet grass: This grass is grown up in the sandy soils having ample area for the cultivation. Even if the soil is less fertile, it is easier to make the soil grow. In the places having high degree of soil erosion, this type of carpet grass works wonders.


How to plant carpet grass?

There are firms which deliver the installation service for grass carpet at your home. If you have purchased the grass carpet then make sure it super soft. It has to be attractive enough and natural in looks to give the feel of real grass. Before you begin to plant carpet grass, having some amount of understanding is essential.

Check out the steps for planting carpet grass:

  • Prepare the soil to make it smooth enough to accommodate the grass seedlings
  • Avoid planting the grass in the soil where tilling is required
  • You can sow the seeds and the rate of which has to be two pounds per 1000 sq feet
  • After you have completed the sowing process, rake up the soil lightly. This will help covering the seeds properly.

Carpet grass manufacturing in India

It is easier to get the carpet grass in some countries which basically includes India topping the charts. If you cannot find real carpet grass in India, you can look for the artificial grass mat as well. You can look for the manufacturers in India who come up with amazing lawn grass. Also, you can find the contact of carpet manufacturing companies in India, who can provide you with the ample carpet grass in the most promising manner.