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The Gracious Guest Bedroom Guide

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Having guests marvel at your home décor is always a matter of pride. Having them praise your hospitality, however, is a truly humbling experience. In order to be a gracious host, you need to have a guest room in your house that is equipped to look after your visitors. With the help of this quick and easy guide, you will have a perfectly gracious guest bedroom for them.


This is the first thing the guests will notice when they enter the room. The colour and pattern you choose should bring warmth to the room. With the number of good bedsheets available now, you can always buy bedsheets online for the guest bedroom. You can choose from among the bedsheets at SPACES, which come in unlimited colours and designs. There are a few things, however, that you need to take into account before you buy bedsheets online for the guest room.

  1. The first thing you might be confused about is whether to buy single bedsheets or double bedsheets. Most people think that buying double bedsheets is safer because they can be used by couples, single people and families as well. If you have friends visiting, however, it might be awkward for them to share a bed. You should buy single bedsheets as well as double bedsheets so that those, who can share the bed, use the double bed, while those, who can’t, have the extra single bed for themselves.
  2. You wouldn’t always be able to know beforehand about dust allergies or any other such allergies that your guests could have. It is better to choose 100% premium cotton bedsheets, which are extremely breathable and naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens; and you need to make sure that the dyes used in the bedsheets are chemical free so that they are safe for even the most sensitive skin, such as the bedsheets available at SPACES.

The Gracious Guest Bedroom Guide


Along with adding aesthetic appeal and cosiness to any room, cushions always make the guests feel more welcome. When you buy cushions online, you can see them in various sizes and shapes. Looking up their roles and placements online, you can arrange them in a beautiful way on the bed and on the couch or diwan. You can find cushions online in bright and bold colours as well as in pastel and neutral shades. From abstract and geometric patterns to ethnic, floral and paisley prints, you can choose any design and it will blend in with the décor of your guest room. When you buy cushions online, you can also mix and match them so that the room look a bit eccentric. Be sure to check out the exclusive handcrafted range of cushions from Spun, an initiative by SPACES that offers employment to rural women.


Buying bedsheets and pillows for your guests is not enough. Blankets are an indispensable part of bed linen for the guest room. Some guests might prefer to sleep in a warm blanket while others might find a warm blanket stuffy. When you buy quilts online online, you might want to look at dohars. A dohar is a light, summer quilt that keeps you cool and comfortable. The colours and patterns that you find in dohars online are charming. You can choose from among traditional and contemporary colours and designs. The dohars online at SPACES come in a wide variety of colours and prints. Getting dohars for the guest room would add a personal touch to it.


Your guests shouldn’t have to step on to the cold floor when they get out of bed. A pretty carpet will not only keep their feet warm but also add elegance to the room. When you buy carpets online, you want to look for the material of the carpet. Carpets are either made of natural material like wool or synthetic material like nylon, olefin, acrylic and polyester. Nylon and polyester rugs are the most popular choice since they are gentle on the skin of your soles and they keep your feet warm. Also look at the GSM (grams per square metre – a measurement that indicates the weight of the fabric woven into the carpet). A higher GSM would yield a higher quality, plusher carpet that’s also heavier to handle and not easy to care for. Carpets online come in a wide variety of colours and designs for you to choose from. A solid coloured carpet or an ethnic print one would be a great choice.

Bath Linen

It’s not enough to buy soft and plush bath towels for your guests so that they feel pampered. When you buy bath towels online, you also need to look at the ones that are super absorbent so that the guests are well looked after. Buying towels online which are quick to dry, such as the Swift Dry popcorn texture towels at SPACES, would be smart choice; because that would make it easy for you to wash them and make them available to your guests whenever they need them.  While you buy bath towels online, you might also want to look at bath mats so that your guests have something warm to step onto once they are out of the shower, and they don’t leave wet footprints all over the guest room. You can buy bath mats online which are highly absorbent and have a strong anti-skid backing that ensures the safety of your guests. Placing accent bath mats outside the bathroom would the guest room homelier. Lastly, bath towels aren’t the only towels your guests are going to need. It is unfair to expect them to use their bath towels every time they wash their hands. Keeping a set of hand towels next to the bath towel in the bathroom is a big step towards being a gracious host. When you buy hand towels online for the guest room, don’t just look at the best deals but also at the one which are soft and gentle against the skin of your palm. They should be compact and lightweight enough to use but big enough to hug your guests’ hands dry.

Now that you know what it takes to have a gracious guest bedroom, start shopping online for home furnishing products. You can choose from among the best quality home essentials online at, for your guest room.