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Giving your garage a bit of TLC

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If you are lucky enough to have a Garage you need to make sure that you are caring for it in the same way that you do your house. You should regular inspect the roofing and guttering to make sure that you do not have any slates lifting and that your gutters are not overflowing with leaves and other materials that will eventually clog up the guttering completely. Other than the structural items there is one key component that you really need to give a bit of tender loving care and that is the garage door. Biggleswade Garage Door Repairs company can help with any repair issues that you may have with your door and you should keep an eye out for the door become heavy and difficult to move, perhaps a little noisier than usual and maybe a little bit wonky. These are all signs that you should give a garage door expert a ring to some and fix the issues and give your door a new lease of life.

Here are a few ways that you can maintain your door:


  • Every time you open the door try to make a mental note of how easy or difficult it was so that you can identify any time that perhaps this changes as it will be an indicator of something being not quite right with the mechanism. Garage doors are not intended to take you much effort to open and you should be able to do so with great ease if not you may have a problem.
  • There are many moving parts to a garage door and just like any other joint this needs to be regularly lubricated. Using a spray lubricant is the best for the springs and a solid grease for the opening and joints areas. You should look to lubricate your garage workings every few months to keep them in tip top working condition.
  • It is important that you check the balance of your door, this means how quickly or not the door starts to roll back towards you once you have pushed it up. When your door is fully open it shouldn’t move anywhere. If partially open it should move slowly enough back to a closed position that you can manoeuvre yourself out of the way.

By regularly taking care of all of these areas you will help to maintain a good working condition and hopefully increase the life of your door.