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Easy designs for windows

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Windows are the best part of the house. One can design it in many ways and it is dependent on the window design how a house will look from outside.

Installing new windows means you can think of a lot of new shapes and designs that matches with your house pattern and structure. But on the other hand, repairing old windows means you have to incorporate new styles on old frames and structures. Window hardware companies in India can provide you with all the necessary materials.

So, you can pick the favorite window design of your choice and try to make them happen in your house.

Picture Window

This is the most basic window design one can think of and it is also very easy to install. These windows basically create some portrait style boxes on the wall of a room. If you have the right room with proper wall layout then it might look like a proper piece of art work hanging from a wall. The best part about these windows is, and then can fit in most of the house styles. They are also very cheap when it comes to installation. They help the natural light to get in the rooms and make it look bright and warm.

Casement Window

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This one also looks mostly like a picture window. These windows mostly open outward and can have a hand crank or a handle which can help in opening them. One can also push these windows open. This one is a money savior when it comes to installation purposes. Also they help the air to gush in, keeping the rooms fresh. One can also clean these windows very easily by window cleaners and one can do that on their own.

Hung Window

It is a very popular window style these days and they slides vertically to open. Home owners mostly prefer single hung windows and here the bottoms can be adjusted but one can also spend more money to go for a double hung window. These windows are very much common with traditional designs but one can also pair them with tilt wash arched windows to give it a new touch. One can use these kinds of windows in a hallway or in a bathroom with vinyl settings.

Slider Window

People prefer these kinds of windows because they are easy to open and they also provide good air circulation in the interior. They are ideally to be installed in small rooms or in areas where you do not need much obstruction like a home passage.

Awning Window

They look more like hung or picture windows. They open outwards and are attached to the top. As a result, rain or snow cannot seep in through these windows.

Bay and Bow Windows

They look beautiful when installed. They are made from three bays and four bows and are adjoined at equal angles so that it can look like a beautiful curve.

One can buy commercial window hardware from proper window manufacturers and install them.