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Decorate your Home with Dog Designs in All Rooms

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It’s the Year of the Dog! We’ve heard so many predictions about how this year is going to unfold. We’ve been told about birth years and zodiac signs that will prosper or suffer this year. Above all, we’ve studied techniques on how to evade bad luck to keep our year 2018 happy and lucky.

But let’s get to a little lighter topic this time. Today, we’ll give you tips on how to incorporate dog designs to your house to make it as playful and fun as our pooches.

A “pawful” welcome mat

Let’s not underestimate welcome mats as home decorations. They can create a great first impression to visitors because they are the ones they will first see when you welcome them to your home. Instead of your ordinary plain textured door mat, go for “pawful” ones with scattered dog paws on it. It would be best to choose mats with dark colors with embedded light- or rainbow-colored paws on them. There are less-decorated designs like those with only two giant paws in the middle.

Dog-filled kitchen and dining area

Decorate your Home with Dog Designs 1

Splash your dining area with dog-inspired elements like mug coasters with paws or a dog outline. There are also tons of dog-inspired mugs that you can buy anywhere. To upgrade your kitchen a little more, you can hire pros offering some of the best home improvement services like custom shelf building and cabinet door installations. Ask them to build wooden bookshelves with dog-inspired designs for you.

Pooches on the wall

How else can you fill your home interior with dog design elements than by bombarding your walls with dog decorations? Your options include wallpapers with dog patterns or lots of framed dog photos. If you’re a dog lover who enjoy taking photos of your furry baby, it’s time to print them all and frame them. Hang these frames on your wall and you’ll have an instant dog-inspired living room.

Dog-themed shower curtains

Even in your bathroom, you can make the presence of the year of the dog felt. Rugs won’t be a good idea though because they are slip hazards. But you can buy inexpensive dog-themed shower curtains and hang them on your shower area. They will surely be barking, loud dog-inspired elements inside your bathroom.

Barking living rooms

As we mentioned before, you can choose wallpapers with dog prints for your living room to get that playful feel in that area of your house. Aside from that, there are other interior design elements to add to achieve a year of the dog atmosphere. You can buy calendars with pictures of different breed of dogs every month. You can also choose sofa chair pillows with dog covers. You can even build a dog-house-looking TV rack for your pooches.

A dog-lover bedroom

If you have already filled your living room and kitchen with wallpapers, there are other elements that you can add to make a difference in your bedroom. You might be surprised but there are lamps with dog designs just like the one shown in the picture. For more obvious dog-inspired additions, why not cover your bed with huge sheets embedded with dog prints in all corners?