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What are the Most Common Fears in People

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We are all human beings who have at least one fear of something. Some people have a fear from the thought of standing in line and waiting to finish some things, which is known as – macrophobia. But their problem probably seems to be harmless compared to those who suffer from escalophobia. These are people who experience panic attacks as soon as they see the stairs to which they should climb. Perhaps the same symptoms have people who find it really troubling when they need to bathe or get into the bath. If you want to get in touch with us call us today.

Here are some other types of phobias and fears that can be found in people:

Ablutophobia then often seems that bathing will be the last that people want to do, because their heart will not survive it.

Footballer David Beckham has another problem. He suffers from ataxophobia or fear of disorder. If you know someone who is afraid to look themselves in the mirror, at best, turning their head away from it, and at worst, they have the feeling that they will die when they see it, do not think that they are crazy. It is, unfortunately, a sign that they have a morbid fear of mirrors, which is called spectrophobia. It’s so absurd that Pamela Anderson is struggling with this problem, and so many times she says that she is threatened by her own reflection. Experts say the root of this phenomenon can be found in some traumatic events from the past or even the strong survival of some scenes from horror films, when that person in the mirror showed a spirit or a dangerous creature. And, it is possible that it is related to some superstitious belief, so the spectrophobic people are afraid that if they come in contact with the mirror, it will break, and that will bring seven years of unhappiness. Some experts claim that the alliumphobia, which occurs when a person sees or feels the smell of a garlic, is also a matter of superstition.

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Even nice and sweet things can be scary for some people

It is a mistake to believe that phobia develops only in relation to uncertain, ugly, difficult and painful things and phenomena. Do you believe that there are people who are afraid of laughter? Their problem is called – geliophobia. Some things that are comfortable, nice, relaxing for most people, for some – they are a real nightmare. There are people who are afraid and reacts violently to flowers. Their problem is identified as an anthophobia and it can get very serious when a person sees a flower on a drawing, wardrobe or a small screen. The occurrence of this fear is related to botanophobia or reaction to pots of flowers, which is something that Kristina Ricci suffers from, who feared chrysanthemums and violets.