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How to choose a Modern Sideboard

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If you’ve ever been inspired by TV decorating and home improvement programmes, or are just looking to overhaul your living room, you’re probably wondering how to choose a modern sideboard.

Sideboards can often ‘make or break’ a living room or lounge, usually because it’s challenging to balance a great design or look with practicality. Some sideboards offer terrific functionality, but are unoriginal in design and look dated, or other modern sideboards look the part but frankly are useless for storage.

This is why choosing a modern sideboard can be so challenging sometimes. There is a better way though – by looking online for specialist furniture websites such as Funique

Here’s a few tips to show how to choose a modern sideboard, and why shopping online for it could be your best bet.

Choice of styles

Balancing looks with functionality in modern sideboards can be difficult, so it’s vital to find a furniture supplier offering the widest possible choice of styles.

Colour options may vary amongst modern sideboards, so it’s important to have a good choice of choice of styles to stand the best chance of ‘fitting into’ your living room theme and look.

Choice of materials


Modern sideboards are available in a wide choice of materials, from wooden (hardwood, mahogany or oak) to high gloss or walnut. It’s vital to choose an online furniture supplier that shows you the widest range of different materials, especially if you’re looking to match your modern sideboard with existing furniture.

Natural shades, metallic, self or multi-coloured, any modern sideboard needs to be manufactured from the highest quality materials in addition to looking beautiful.

Choice of features

Size of sideboard could be pivotal to its suitability for your own requirements. Too big and it’s too dominant, and too small and it loses its usefulness.

A common mistake some homeowners make in choosing modern sideboards is not allowing enough space around the outside of the sideboard, and this causes a room to look too cramped.

Before one makes a final decision in choosing a modern sideboard, it’s helpful to consider how many items will be stored within it. Remember more and more people work from home these days, and one seemingly can never have too much storage.

Never sacrifice space for features such as lights or mirror effects, and always ensure the handles and mechanisms are high quality. After all, we’re trying to balance usefulness with looks, so a modern sideboard needs to do its job whilst also keeping tidy.

Think back to how many times you may have seen a beautiful sideboard spoiled by being cluttered with items lying around on (rather than packed away inside) it.

Conclusion: choosing a modern sideboard online is for winners

Rather than visit one of those mass-marketed furniture warehouses, why not look online for your next modern sideboard?

You may be pleasantly surprised with the wide range of styles, materials, looks and features, and even more by the terrific value and low prices you’ll likely find!