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Cabinet Refacing: Is it a Better Option than Cabinet Refacing?

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It is just not possible to keep your kitchen cabinets protected from frying residue, fingerprints, and smoke from frying, especially after years of use. However, the good thing is that you do not have to live with your not-so-lovely kitchen because cabinet refacing and refacing can help change the look of your cabinetry.  Refacing and refacing are better options than having your cabinets replaced.

It is important to point out that new cabinets can take more than 50% of your total kitchen renovation budget, but it is important to have functional cabinets to have a functional kitchen. This is when you can choose between cabinet refacing and cabinet refacing. Refacing is generally a better option because it is kind of a mini-makeover that can give your kitchen a new look in a cost-effective way. You can also choose different ways to reface kitchen cabinets – you can refinish your existing cabinet, you have new wood or laminate veneer installed over cabinet drawer fronts, or you can replace drawer fronts and cabinet doors completely.

What works best for you depends on the existing condition of your cabinets and your overall budget. You can change the pulls and knobs to alter your kitchen’ style. Similarly, you can also freshen up the interiors too and have them painted, sanded, or veneered for a new look. It is also possible to add handy functionality, like rotating shelves and pullout drawers.

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In case of cabinet refacing, you need to know that it may not be a cost-effective way to spruce up your kitchen, but it can certainly give good results, sometimes even better than refacing. For a good refacing job, you need to opt for the best finish, and lacquer is usually the most suitable choice. However, you will have to call in a professional to spray finish your kitchen cabinets, which can take 3-4 days. A professional kitchen cabinet refacer can finish the job in as little as one day, and you can continue to use your kitchen throughout that time. You do not have this option with kitchen refacing.

However, if you have stained wood, you may certainly get good results from refacing. You can opt for a darker stained wood or a solid color. Your options are limited, though, when you have oak cabinets because they are not very good candidates for refacing. The grain is likely to show if you try to refinish your oak cabinets in a solid color.

Refacing is certainly a better option when you love your existing cabinetry, but you may not find dye stain refacing a very good choice when there are old visible ‘butterfly’ hinges that you want changed to hidden hinges. You can overcome this issue by opting for a solid color and have the screw holes filled. However, if your existing finish has started to come off, you may want to avoid refacing. The better option would be to have those doors and drawers replaced and then refinished.

What it implies is that making a choice between refacing and refacing is never easy, but you can consider your unique circumstances, your existing cabinetry, and your budget to make a better decision. Keep in mind that whatever your decision, you need to ensure that you are letting a professional refacer and refinisher work on your project.