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How to Blend Modern and Retro Design with Column Radiators

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Although radiators go back to Victorian times, there are many choices available on the market today. However, the combination of functionality and classic styling never goes out of fashion.

The Timeless Column Radiator

This type of radiator continues to be extremely popular because it is a potent blend of incredibly effective engineering mixed with design that is effortlessly chic and complements a wide variety of decors. With lots of surface area, the heat output of this type of radiator is maximised while it looks good. While a good-looking radiator is always appreciated, it does need to deliver the warmth. If you are wanting to make your radiators perform more efficiently, then take a look at the tips in this report from The Guardian.

Retro Look and Appeal

While some would argue that this type of radiator never went away, the design does have an iconic appeal with a retro element that some people find comforting as well as stylish. The great thing about this type of radiator today is that the traditional design can be blended with modern materials and technology to deliver a radiator that has lots of wow factor while being easy to use and install. And it keeps your home toasty warm. Innovations in the styling and the use of tubular steel mean radiators are functional and light.


For decennaries, whether you discovered yourself in a school, a hospital, a factory or as good as any other important building needing a well founded heating source, you’d swiftly look out for it as it was inhabited by column radiators. Basically, so much present everywhere as were they back in the day, we more or less all took their existence for granted; in much the similar way we did their electric lighting, fire exits and car-parking services. Time moves on, though; vogues and trends modify and, as such, the radiator market has blown up with bright option – no longer are the radiator alternatives obtainable dominated by the back-dated fashioned column radiator.

There is a range of vertical and horizontal designs along with stunning tall radiators that make a big impact in a room with a high ceiling. Even better, you can incorporate some of this style into your heating system without replacing the entire set-up, as an old unit can generally be easily replaced with a newer, more dynamic model. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of using column radiators in your home, why not visit Apollo for column radiators to find out more?

Central heating is one of the true delights of modern life, but enjoying a cosy home can also be visually rewarding as well when you choose a radiator that performs well and looks good. The important thing is to know your heating needs so when you are looking for new radiators you have the specifications that will make matching the radiator to the room or system as easy as staying warm over winter.