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Blackout Blinds Buying Guide

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When it comes to window covers, blinds are often viewed as a much more desirable option than curtains for a host of reasons, such as their ability to offer control over light levels while still providing plenty of privacy.

However, one aspect of blinds that falls behind curtains is their ability to completely block out any light so that a room can remain dark. It’s ideal for many situations, from ensuring the daylight doesn’t wake you when sleeping to preventing the sun from impairing your view on a screen.

For the most part, curtains are far better at blocking out daylight than most other blinds – except for blackout blinds!

What are blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds are rather self-explanatory; it refers to any style of blind that has been manufactured to block out natural light, allowing rooms to remain dark even during the day time. Given the nature of blackout blinds, it is usually reserved for blind types that utilise fabrics, meaning you mostly find them available in roller, vertical, and Roman blinds.

The concept of a blackout blind is to be as effective at blocking out daylight as a curtain, so they also provide exceptional privacy due to the fact they completely block the view of a window. Many people desire this for a number of scenarios, such as preventing a room being awash with daylight in the early hours of the morning when most people are still sleeping.

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Achieving the blackout effect on blinds is relatively straightforward, simply involving the use of a much thicker fabric material that will prevent virtually all daylight breaking through. As a result, blackout blinds create a much darker and cooler environment.

Style options for blackout blinds

Blackout blinds can be found in a selection of styles, although they are most popular in the form of roller blinds. However, there certainly other options beyond this, with both vertical and Roman blinds offering a range of blackout styles of their own.

This provides a massive range of styles to choose from when looking for blackout blinds, which is certainly great news for anyone seeking this style of blind for their home.

Strangely enough, most people wrongly assume that due to their need to block out the light, blackout blinds are only available in darker colours. This isnt the case, as blackout blinds come in virtually any colour you can imagine, including light and soft colours.

Benefits of blackout blinds

It is quite obvious that the main benefit of blackout blinds is their ability to block out unwanted daylight. Many people want this for their bedroom, especially if bright weather can flood a room with daylight even during the earliest time of the day.

Additionally, this can be great for blocking the sun when working at a computer or trying to watch television, while they also offer a clear advantage of providing excellent privacy, making them a fine option for bathrooms.

Furthermore, as blackout blinds can be applied to various other styles of blinds, there is an incredible selection to choose from. Blackout blinds come in endless colours, designs, textures, and fabrics, making it so much easier to find a style to match your décor.