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The best stepping stone way for success

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Everyone in this world likes to have success in whatever they are doing. No one is ever ready to take failure. There is a famous statement that I think you must have read it or heard it somewhere. Hard work is the key to success. For many decades, people think that this is the only way to achieve success in whatever they are doing. They do whatever is in their power to achieve success. However, there is another element which is known as luck. This is also very important factor to be successful in your life. Some people are so hard working, but they are not that lucky enough to achieve that fame and success. This is the matter of fact and you can also say gift of God.

There are few things that add up to your chances of success. One of them is determination. If you are determined enough and you think you can do whatever the task is, then in my opinion you are already successful. You may have heard some people saying that if you want to get successful, you don’t have to publicize whatever you are doing. In their opinion, less publicity means more chances of success. May be they are right in a few cases, but not every time. Sometimes there are few things that need publicity to get successful. Let me give you a small example. If you open a floret store in a market, your chances of success will increase when you do some publicity of that. It will make more people visit your store and this in turn makes you successful. Same is the case with the political leaders and parties. If you want to get successful, you need to have a lot of supporters and that you can only do with the help of publicity.


Now the question arises, how to get publicity without wasting too much of your money? Well, there are many ways to do that. Initially, it was done by the means of paper media. After some time, with the advent of TV, it was done with the help of TV, but that also requires some money. Now a day, due to so much advancement in technology, this is so much easier to do. All you have to do is to take some photographs and upload them on the social media and your work here is done.

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