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An air compressor works wonderfully anywhere, since it has many uses it is one of the dependable items in a home garage. The air pressure machine has more power than the application of electric tools for sanding, cutting, grinding, painting, polishing also inflating. It helps to save time as the air pressure tools have higher torque. When you venture to buy these compressors, you would possibly buy it with the cubic feet standard per minute which is the amount of output of air when the air compressor is running. It may be noted that the flow and pressure of the air is inversely proportional, hence the increase in pressure will make the flow of air go down. Check this site for more information

The tools that you need for attaching the air compressor make you decide what kind of air compressor you would want to purchase for your home garage. For that you would have to check the manuals of the tools that you have where it is specified the pressure and rate of flow required or on the website of the manufacturer. The air compressor has its rating which is calculated on the by the duty cycle which consists of 15 seconds of a minute. If the tool is used on a continuous basis then you would have to buy an air compressor with the rating which uses the average CFM into four times. But the label must be checked for delivered CFM rating than the displaced one.


How to buy an air compressor

If you require more horsepower than a bigger tank only can suffice this. The compressor will require more psi settings which enable the compressor to keep up with the tools that you require. The air compressors made for garage are vertical in nature so that that they can be stored easily, but they are not so mobile due to the weight. These will be in horizontal shape and easy to fill. The long usage will not allow for a continuous supply which may turn off at regular intervals. If does run continuously it may overheat the motor. Try out this site

The upkeep of the air compressor

The motors must be properly lubricated with oil on a regular basis to prevent ear jarring sound. It will increase the life of the compressor too. But avoid the lubrication when you are using painting tools. The buyer must choose the compressor based on the kind of tools that he/she would as well the pricing. The brands provide the single stage compressor as well as the two-stage compressor. The single stage is cheaper but cannot give more CFM as well as being harsh to the ears. The two stage has more capacity and may not be used to its full potential. It is expensive but quieter. The highlight of this compressor, it provides a lot of continuous pressure.

If you don’t have heavy duty tools to work on, the single stage compressor is apt for you. They can be easily plugged to the wall and used. If you are constantly using air tools such as for sandblasting etc. the two-stage compressor will be the ideal machine for your usage. The compressor oil must be changed on regular basis. While purchasing the lubricating oil the label must mention the compressor, as other lubricating oils may harm the machine parts.