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Affordable Kitchen Ideas for the Homeowner

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The kitchen is the one room that is under constant attack, and this high traffic area can quickly start to show signs of wear and tear. The floor would be the first thing to look at, and if some work is needed, why not go for a vinyl floor? You can have the style and elegance of a timber or stone floor, at a faction of the cost, and modern vinyl would outlast any other flooring material. If your kitchen has seen better days, and you would like some ideas to give you inspiration, here are just a few things you can do to brighten things up.

Recycled Timber Table Tops

This a great idea, and there are online suppliers of a range of recycled table tops, which would include oak, polished stone or a composite material, and as they are recycled, the cost would reflect this. Custom made to size, your dining table can be the focal point of the room, and with some new chairs and barstools, the look is complete. Any shape or size can be crafted, and your custom made table top will be a stylish improvement and will probably last forever.

Kitchen Furniture

Online suppliers cannot be beaten for price, and their extensive catalogue means there’s something to suit every environment. Stylish Bentwood chairs make for an attractive setting, and with a range of colours, you can make a few changes to the look of the room. If you already have a breakfast bar, the stools might need replacing, and there would be a range of styles to suit.


Roller Blinds

The latest generation of roller blinds are motorised for easy adjustment, and with so many colours and patterns to choose from, you can transform the kitchen and add some real depth at the same time. Made to measure units will ensure things fit perfectly, and this will give you fine control over lighting and shade.

Lighting Options

LED technology allows the homeowner to be creative when it comes to lighting, and with strips of LED, one can attach a length above working surfaces and under the wall cabinets, which really does change the ambience in the evenings. The local handyman could soon fit any new lighting, or if you are a DIY enthusiast, you could handle it yourself. Pendant lighting offers and attractive setting, and with adjustable height, you have the perfect task lighting.

Online Solutions

Whatever you decide, sourcing products is so easy online, and a few searches will identify reputable suppliers, not only that, it is simple to compare prices with online retailers, and some offer wholesale prices to the general public, so there are bargains to be had. Of course, your budget is important and many suppliers have a search option for a range of prices, or alternatively, you can search by style or even manufacturer.

If you use a little imagination, you can transform the kitchen without having to invest heavily, but always make sure you choose quality items, as this is the room that really has to take a lot of wear.