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7 Easy Tricks to Lift up Your Home Style

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Every once in a while, we feel that our homes are in need of some styling up. Whether your old design has gone out of style or you simply want to introduce a sense of novelty to your space, a few stylish tricks can help you give your old home design a new, chic flair.

Mix and match furniture

Instead of opting for an entire furniture set that will make your space look as if it were taken from a design catalogue, you should mix and match your furniture. Opting for different styles can help you create a whimsical effect in your home, giving it a unique character. For instance, a single traditionally designed armchair can work as an enchanting focal point in your living room. However, when mixing and matching furniture styles, you should link the pieces with a common feature, such as colour, material or form, for a more cohesive look.

Go with an elegant colour scheme

There’s nothing simpler and more refreshing than repainting your interior walls. Colours can set the mood for your room while also affecting your state of mind. Thus, you should opt for shades that will help you create a welcoming, stylish look in your home. A colour scheme of layered neutrals is a timeless choice, but don’t be afraid to go bold with an occasional pop of dark colours used for wall features, accent details and mesmerising statements.


Invest in timeless pieces

If you want to splurge on some items, make sure to go with timeless pieces that will always be in style. Whether it’s a master bed, stainless steel appliances or a beautiful lounge sofa, it’s important that you make these your investment pieces that will dominate your entire room. Of course, you don’t have to do this at once, but take some time to complete your home décor and gather your statement items gradually.

Spa up your bathroom

Styling up your bathroom will not only help you create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, but it will also enrich your entire home experience. A retreat-inspired bathroom will enable you to indulge yourself in an opulent ambience and relieve stress from time to time. When transforming your bathroom into your personal home spa, you should opt for a calming, minimalist design free of clutter. Simple decorations should exude elegance and relaxation, so make sure to go with lush towels, scented candles and plenty of greenery. The key element of a spa-like bathroom is a sleek modern bathtub that should be used as the focal point. This should be one of your investment pieces that you should accentuate in your bathroom by letting it take the centre stage. You can complement it with a lush chandelier or a plush area rug, adding a touch of opulence to your home spa

Decorate with vintage items

Introducing vintage pieces into your home will fill it with a sense of antique beauty. In addition, placing antique items in a modern setting can create a striking contrast that will dominate your space. Not only do these pieces have a unique charm, but they are also affordable. You might need to apply a fresh coat of paint to update their look, or simply let their vintage patina create a wow effect in your space.

Embellish your walls with art

From creating a stunning gallery wall to letting a single painting draw the gaze, artwork is always the most inspiring embellishment that can elevate your home décor instantly. You can arrange your artwork in intriguing ways to add to the atmosphere or simply place a large painting above your bed or living room sofa. You can build up your collection over time, print out your favourite pieces or even replace the frames on your old paintings and give them a new flair.

Use wallpaper as a statement

Wallpaper designs are plentiful, inspiring and mesmerising, enabling you to transform a simple wall into a décor statement. You can even apply wallpaper to your ceiling and create visual interest in your living space. When it comes to different styles and patterns, you can use them to introduce a certain look to your home. While geometric patterns work well with a modern design, botanical motifs will help you create a nature-inspired look. You can even go with textured wallpaper for a truly luxe vibe in your space.

Simple design changes can help you introduce a sense of novelty to your home and elevate its décor. While investing in some pieces will provide you with long-term embellishments, other details will give your space your personal touch.