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4 Upgrades to Bring Your Home Into the Modern Age

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Advancements in technology have resulted in a plethora of upgrades that can modernize a home like never before. For now, let’s explore the top four upgrades to bring your home into the modern age.

Repaint Your Living Spaces

From the bedroom to the living room and even the kitchen, adding a coat of bright paint can really give your home’s interior an uplift. Canary yellow is a color that is well known for making a home feel modern, while a pastel mint green adds a soft touch of modernization and works exceptionally well in kitchens. With an International Klein Blue coat of paint, you can bring a modern edge to any room of your home, including the utility room.

Update Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

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Old-fashioned hardware on your cabinets and drawers are sure to date your home back to the last century. Fortunately, updating hardware is inexpensive and can give your rooms a whole new look. Some of the more modern finishes to choose from include brushed copper, black stainless, and aged nickel.


One of the best aspects of shopping for new hardware is there are no set rules or standards to follow. You can mix and match as you please. If you want a modern yet eclectic look, shop for vintage knobs and hardware.

Install a New Heating and Cooling System

Nothing makes a home feel more dated than a stuffy atmosphere. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for not having a home that maintains a comfortable inside temperature all year long regardless of the weather outside. One of the more modern heating and cooling options to choose from is a ductless system. There is also a heat pump alternative, which conveniently and efficiently converts energy into heat.

Installing a ductless heating and cooling system can save money on your utility bill and it may qualify you for a utility rebate or a government-issued tax credit. You’ll also enjoy cleaner indoor air with a ductless system thanks to its multi-stage filtration process, which reduces dust and pollen in the home as well as bacteria and other allergens. If you have pets in the home or you suffer from allergies, a ductless system should be a top priority.

Upgrade Your Bathrooms

A significant amount of your time is probably spent in the bathroom. It’s likely the first room you go to when you wake up and the last one you visit before heading to the bedroom to catch up on some sleep. With so much time spent in the bathroom, it makes sense that it should be as modern as possible.

One of the top tips for modernizing your bathroom is to replace your old shower head. When shopping for a new replacement, choose one that offers a variety of features, including a handheld option, high-pressure modules, and rainfall and pulsating selections.

When considering upgrades, it’s pertinent to consider ones for both the interior and exterior of a home, including flooring remodels, roofing updates, and more. For now, though, you can start with the modern upgrades outlined above.a