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3 Tips That Can Help Protect Your Wood Floor

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A wood floor is a long time investment that can add a lot of value to your house. Nevertheless, it is a costly investment. For this reason, it is understandable that you will want to preserve your floor no matter what, but you don’t want to become a slave to it either. Sometimes, the secret resides in the little things – the small efforts that can make your floor last a lifetime. So, here we give you three tips that can help protect your wood floor.

Always Keep Your Floor Clean

It can seem a bit obvious, but keeping your floor clean at all times will help the floor to last longer. By cleaning, you are eliminating dust and debris that if left there for a long time can end up accumulating on the floor and causing scratches. For a wood floor, you should check what the manufacturer advises, but in general you should sweep and vacuum regularly. It is always better to avoid a mop as an excess of water could damage the boards. If there is a spillage, you need to remove this straight away as the longer it stays there, the more difficult it becomes to remove the stain. To remove stains, use a wrung out damp cloth, but again be careful there is not too much water as this could cause excess moisture that warps boards and damages the floor.


Protect Your Floor From Moisture

Moisture can become a problem for different reasons. As previously mentioned, it can occur when a spillage hasn’t been removed quickly enough or even because you have used too much water to clean the floor. Moisture can also occur for reasons you can’t help, like your home being humid or changes in the climate. In any case, moisture can prove fatal for a wood floor. Since it is made of natural material, moisture can cause the floor to swell and therefore it can warp the boards and damage them. So what can you do to protect your floor? To start with, humidity shows more easily with climatic changes. So you need to make sure your house is well ventilated when it becomes warmer, like in summer. Try to keep the levels of humidity constant to avoid the apparition of moisture.

Little Day-to-Day Acts

Scratches appear at some point as a result of the life’s daily routine, but it is possible to avoid them by realising that sometimes we make little mistakes. For instance, if you have furniture in the room where you have wood flooring, you could use protectors for the legs of the items, as over time they can leave marks on the floor. Another thing that can scratch the floor is walking in high heels, so why not try taking them off when you arrive home? Using door mats is also another way to prevent scratches as they are a good filter for debris collected outdoors.

So there you have it – small tips that can make a big difference to keep your wood floor looking as new and fresh as the day you got it.