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3 Exciting Technology Upgrades You Can Make to Your Home

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If you’re just getting into the world of smart home connectivity, you’ll be excited to discover some truly impressive technology upgrades do-it-yourselfers like you are making in their own homes. Save money and enjoy your home with these three handy innovations.

Advanced Temperature Control

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Summer temperatures in Plano often reach extremes over 100 degrees with only a couple of inches of precipitation. In our Texas climate, a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system is more than a luxury — it’s a necessity. The latest in automated home technologies monitor your house’s temperature, humidity levels, and air quality, taking the guesswork out of comfort control.

Many homeowners feel frustrated about uneven cooling throughout their home. Do you have one room that’s always too hot or too cold? A highly effective solution to this common problem is home zoning. This concept involves dividing your home into two or more zones, each with its own thermostat. Home zoning’s advanced technology helps channel costly energy from unoccupied rooms during the day and focuses much-needed air conditioning where you and your family gather most.


Cutting-Edge Entertainment Systems

Popcorn anyone? Why settle for those annoying crowds and noisy babies when you can enjoy a theater experience right in your own home? Significant changes are underway in the entertainment business, and the future of multimedia content is on-demand, wireless delivery. Streaming technology is growing as fast as consumers want it, and the script on home theaters is still in the works in this dynamic new era for home theater systems.

Over the last decade, consumers have soaked up more digital content than we ever imagined from streaming platforms such as Netflix and internet TV boxes such as Roku, and the connectivity infrastructure is only getting better. Once plasma TVs were the rage, but today something better is taking over: OLED, or organic light-emitting diodes. Because these advanced entertainment systems are self-illuminating, they’re as thin as a few sheets of paper and brighter than that obsolete TV perched on your entertainment center.

Remote-Control Everything

With the Wink Hub, you can program your lights to turn on and off right from the palm of your hand with your smart device. Log in to your home’s Wi-Fi network from anywhere you roam with this low-cost, full-fledged intelligent home app. Control a multitude of products through the Quirky Pivot Power Genius, a power strip that integrates with the free Wink app to control anything that’s plugged into one of four outlets. It works with items such as your desk lamp and even the Quirky+GE Aros smart air conditioner.

Another standout home automation app designed with convenience in mind is WeMo from home innovation expert Belkin. Similar to the Wink, WeMo lets you use your phone to control anything you plug into it. What’s really exciting is WeMo has a motion sensing function that turns a connected device on or off whenever it senses movement within a 10-foot radius, like the bathroom light at 2 a.m.

These contemporary gadgets may not be life-changing just yet. However, they will make your home smarter, more functional, and more fun to live in.