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2 Best Alternative of IFTTT for Home Automation

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The concept of IFTTT is emerging really fast and is speculated to be a game changer in the scenario of modern living in the near future. The conjuring of the IFTTT which is basically a web service application has in a way marked the advancement of technology in the even an average human life. It is used to simplify as well are establish a connectivity between multiple channels which may involve email accounts and social media account linkage with mobile devices. How does it help if you may ask, the answer would be simple. This linkage enables the user, especially if for home automation, function different gadgets from one single source. Even the alternatives of IFTTT for Home Automation are gradually helping the users bond with technology to become smarter.

The best ifttt alternatives for the purpose of home automation are as follows:


Yonomi is one of the best IFTTT alternatives. By far it can be announced to be better than Stringify because it is fast and can also accommodate more devices. It has been quite some time now that this particular IFTTT alternative for home accommodation has gained fame among worldwide Android users. In fact, Yonomi has a dedicated App for Android.


The design of this alternative is both powerful and excellent. The only place where it lags being Stringify is the not so cool interface. Yonomi is potent enough to offer you a smooth experience where it works with all the smart appliance and devices of your home together from a smart hub. However, remember that it only assists you in setting up your preffered routines and automization. You are still in control of your own house.

The best parts:

  • Power-pact & efficient
  • Both Android and iOS compatibility
  • Supports large numer of devices


This alternative of IFTTT picks up the pace where IFTTT has fall back. While smoothly setting multiple triggers at the same point in time by IFTTT is proven to be a challenge with all that effort making you bored and tired, the Stringify is here to make you life way easier. After all, the sole purpose of this technological advancement was to even out your issues especially in the field of home automation. Stringify just does that simply. It is now high time to go for smart automation whether it is life, home or work with Stringify. The tool of Stringify offers its users a simplified interface that creates a smooth flow in their lives. This alternative tool of home automation opens the door to simplify quite a handful of routine tasks. The only drawback of this particular tool that it shares with IFTTT is that they both fail to support too many devices. This is where the Yonomi has leaped over it.

However, the creators of the Stringify tools are constantly working to add more and more devices to the interface compatibility list.

The best parts:

  • Enhances the home automation functionality with excellent flow.
  • Highly efficient
  • Time saving with shortcuts
  • Free downloading and usage

Let us know which one you think is perfect for the automation of your home!